Wednesday, 21 March 2012

How Far Would You Go?

Where have they gone?

A common Mobility Scooter Question is:

 How far can I go in one trip?

It's a good question that we'll try to answer now.
The Shoprider Scooters and PowerChairs have two 12 volt batteries each.
The size of the batteries varies with the size of the scooter.
 If you think of your electric powerchair or mobility scooter like a car the battery is the fuel tank.
So ....the larger the battery the more fuel you have and the further you can go.
When you run out of electricity its time to recharge your scooter or powerchair for another use.
Most charging takes all night.
You can charge your batteries at any time
... the same as if you would top up your petrol tank occasionally in your car.  
It is better if you do not  run your batteries completly flat.

So how far can I go??


  •  QT 4 .. up to 15km 
  •  GK 9 .. up to 20km
  •  GK 10.. up to 28km
  •  888SE Explorer.. up to 40km
  •  889ers.. up to 40km
  •  889ersf.. up to 40km
  •  889sl ..up to 40km
  •  Allrounder 9LSP...up to 40km
  •  Rocky 4 ..up to 60km
  •  Rocky 6.. up to 60km
  •  778ER.. up to 40km
  •  778HD ..up to 60km 
 * The distance you travel is affected by many
    environmental conditions including but not limited to:
    driving style, battery condition and charge rate,
    tyre air pressure,air and ground temperature,     
    user weight,  driving  surface, operating speed,
    and incline of operating surface.


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