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Care and Maintainence of the Shoprider Mobility Scooter Batteries or Battery.

Mk Batteries are stocked by Many Shoprider Dealers

 The care of your Mobility Scooter or Power chair Batteries is important.

Replacement batteries for your Shoprider are available in Perth , Sydney and Australia Wide from all Shoprider Dealers.

Shoprider Australia sells and recommends 

MK Gel Batteries.

Q : Why is it critical to charge gel  batteries regularly?

A: These MK gel batteries are recombinant. This means that the charging process refreshes the moisture in the battery. This makes the battery maintenance free and sealed . The battery is vented so that when it charges it can create the correct pressure to 'recombine' gases to water. Overcharging a battery will damage the valve and reduce the life of the battery. Scooter chargers are designed to 'slow down' charging once the battery is fully charged. However do not leave the battery on charge 24/7 as this will damage the battery over time. So not charging is as bad for the battery as overcharging!

Q : How is a Gel battery different from a SLA (sealed Lead Acid) battery?

 A: The gel is in the battery is in a sponge like material. If the battery is tipped or badly damage there is no dangerous liquid to escape form the battery.

Q: Are Gel batteries approved for Air Transport?

A : Yes. gel batteries are approved. The information is on their labels.
More Info on this is available here.

Q: Do Scooter Batteries have a 'memory"?

A : No. The batteries can be topped up on charge at any time after sustained use. Don't "top up" the batteries after very short runs too frequently. Never run your batteries flat. Only ni-cad batteries have memories.

Q: How often should I charge my power chair / scooter batteries?

A: Daily Users - Charge daily. Occasional Users - Always be sure to charge before an outing and always after active use. The ideal charge point is 50% on the mobility scotter or power chair. Try to use the equipment regularly to charge and discharge the batteries. Never run your batteries flat.
Q: My batteries will not charge?
A : When the batteries are fully drained (over discharged) the chargers will not charge the batteries.
This is a safety feature built into most chargers. A dealer may be able to charge the batteries again using a special process. It may take the batteries up to 15 cycles of charge to perform like they originally did.

 Q: How long will my batteries last?

A: Mk Gel batteries are manufactured in the USA and imported to Australia with a 12 month manufacturer guarantee against manufacturer faults. These batteries are always fully charged prior to being sent to your Shoprider Australia retailer. When you buy a replacement battery you will have a twelve month warranty. All new Shoprider scooters that are sold with batteries have the same warranty period of twelve months. Mobility batteries are different from car batteries and must always be of the sealed variety. The durability of your batteries will often depend on how often and well they are charged using the guidelines in the link at the end of this post.

Q: How should I store my mobility scooter for long durations?


  • Always store your batteries fully charged.
  • Check the batteries at least once a month and recharge as needed.
  • Sealed batteries can hold a charge for up to 6 months.
  • Avoid storage in extremes of hot or cold.
  • When the batteries are stored for more than 2 weeks with no use disconnect the them. 
  • Do not leave the batteries on charge for extended periods of time.

Q:  Will a larger battery make my scooter or power chair go faster?

A:  No. Larger batteries will make your Shoprider run longer and go further on one charge. You are only limited by the size of your battery compartment as to how large a battery you can use. There is however no power increase as you must always use two matched 12 volt batteries.

Shoprider Battery Guidlines Leaflet - Click here

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