Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Lets start the tyre rolling by talking about Shoprider mobility Scooter tyres.

  • They come in many different sizes but the most common are 3.00-4 ( 260x85 ) and 4.00-5 (330 x 100)
  •  Its important to keep your tyres in good condition throughout the life of your scooter. Check the tyre pressures and make sure that the the front are at around 25 PSI at the front and 30psi at the rear 
  • Never inflate the tyres over 40 PSI!
  • There are two varieties of treads. 1 variety is interchangeable between the front and rear (innova). The other variety is specific to the rear or front (shoprider).
  • There are no left or right sides, but the mobility Tyre does need to go on the rim in the correct direction so the tread grips properly and clears the water correctly.
  • Tyres are available in grey or black.
  • The size of your tyre is embossed on the side wall of the tyre.
  • Always try and match the same tread if you are only changing one tyre.
  • The tyres are 4 ply.
  • You  can get a solid tyre that cannot get a puncture!
  • When you buy your Shoprider most of the models are fitted with pnuematic tyres.
  • Tyres do wear out at different rates depending on how you use your scooter. A good tip is to slow down around corners and  always allow room for safe braking.
  • When it comes time to change your tyres always check that the inner tubes are reusable.... sometimes its more cost effective to replace the inner tubes at the same time.
  • The rear pouch behind the seat is a great place to keep a spare tube! In the instance of a puncture if you have a spare tube and a mechanical service you can have the tube replaced in minutes and be back on your way.
  • The tyres that we use on many of the Shoprider powerchairs are the same as we use on the mobility scooters.
  • Always ensure that when a tyre is replaced that the bolts holding the wheel together are fastened correctly!
  • Always ensure that before a tube is removed from a rim that all the air is released before any bolts are loosened!
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