Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Batteries for Mobility Scooters and PowerChairs in Australia

Scooter Xtra  batteries have been designed and developed for use in Mobility Scooters and Powerchairs. 

Most other batteries available have been developed for other applications and adapted for use in Powerchairs and Mobility Scooters.

The ScootersXtras battery is manufactured by an OEM manufacturer who has been established for 28 years.

Powerchair Battery or Scooter Battery Australia

The key Features of these XT Mobility batteries are:
The mobility scooters batteries are supplied charged and ready - there is no need to condition these batteries over several charge cycles.
⚫ These mobility batteries are fully sealed and Maintenance free for safety and reliability .
⚫ The batteries are manufactured from quality 99.9% purity Lead sourced in Australia. This combined with higher tin content helps make stronger plates that contribute to extend battery life.
⚫ These batteries are manufactured to international  quality standards :
⚫ The XT batteries have a quality guarantee. If the batteries  are professionally tested and found to be faulty within 12 months they will be replaced.
⚫ A mobility battery design which is optimized for mobility specifications. Design maximizes power and service life.

⚫ These batteries are manufactured by an OEM partner of Honda and designed for reliability and durability.
⚫ A specialized mobility battery with an active material pasted between the plates to enhance performance. This type of battery is called hybrid gel.
⚫ Design maximizes power and service life. THESE BATTERIES ARE DESIGNED for mobility scooter and powerchair applications.
⚫ These mobility batteries are sold and serviced by a well established Australia wide dealer network.

Consider these batteries for your next scooter service or NDIS funded scooter repair.

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