Monday, 20 April 2020

Selecting the right Portable Mobility Scooter for you.

Mobility Scooters come in all shapes and sizes....much the same as cars do.

How do you know what will be the best model for your mobility Scooter needs?

There are two types of mobility scooter:
Portable and Full size.
The portable and full size mobility scooter both have pros and cons.

Portable Mobility Scooters - The First Question you will need to answer :
Do I want to transport my scooter in a car to medical appointments, on holidays or shopping or entertainment? Only a portable mobility scooter will allow you to do this?

Portable Mobility Scooters - The next question you will need to answer:
How far do I want to go on the mobility scooter in one day?
For heavy users a larger scooter with a larger battery may be required to achieve the distances required

So if you want to go up to 20km per day and have the need for a portable scooter there are several models to choose from. As the portable models go up in price they have larger batteries, they are physically larger offering more comfort and capacity, and they offer more features ie larger seats and lights and indicators.

How heavy will the Scooter User be?
Now that you have decided on a portable scooter the next step is to look at the capacity of the scooter.
Smaller portable scooters will offer a light and compact scooter - but may have lower user weight capacities. Larger portable scooters have larger weight capacity ,larger batteries, and are physically larger offering more comfort for the taller person. 

Portable Scooter Comfort:
Portable mobility scooter normally have small solid wheels that are best suited to flat hard surfaces such as shopping centers with tile floors. Using the portable scooters for short trips on the footpaths to the shops or appointments is definitively possible but limited to the size of the wheels and lack of suspension.

Portable Scooter - Portability.
Rather than folding up  into one package the portable scooters clip apart on quick release latches that enable you to lift and store the scooter in small lightweight pieces while transporting. Normally to transport a portable scooter you will remove the battery case and seat, remove the basket or bag carrier, and then separate the front half of the scooter from the rear of the scooter. These pieces will all be smaller and more manageable than if you had to lift the entire scooter up into the boot of a car.

Holidays and Travel?
You should consider a scooter that folds into one unit only for this occasion. This type of scooter is heavy to lift at 28kg but stays in one piece during transport so that pieces are not damaged or misplaced.
FS777 Getabout

Attached below are Brochure links to Shoprider Australia's most Popular mobillity Scooters:

GK9 - Little Ripper
GK10 Crossover

Which Shoprider Portable Scooter is right for you?

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